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Facts about Surrogacy

Having a child is a blessing from above. However, some couples weren’t so blessed to have their own children. These are the people who are infertile or who may be suffering from various medical conditions wherein childbearing is not possible because it might cause them their health or worst, their lives. Some couples would like to adopt a child. However, there are some couples who do not want to consider this thought.

With the advancement of technologies, every couple can now have their biological child and this is by means of surrogacy. In relation to surrogacy, it is the surrogate mother who would become pregnant of the child of the couple. By undergoing the process of in vitro fertilization, both the egg and sperm will be fertilized. Hence, the attributes of the child is still the same unto what the attributes of the parents are. The only difference in surrogacy is that, there should be a surrogate mother who will bear the child.

Surrogacy is not a new concept anymore because it has been discovered in the previous decades. So, if you’re considering surrogate parenting, then you’re actually making the right decision!

It is not easy for a woman to become a surrogate parent. You should be willing enough to detach yourself from the child whom you’ve bore for nine months. All of the surrogate mothers, specifically the first timers, really had rough times in separating themselves with the child. Take note that pregnancy is not an easy thing because it is a very powerful experience. This is the main reason why you have to choose the right surrogate mother for your child. The surrogate mother should have been pregnant before so that she can already understand the point of surrogacy. However, there are still some parents who are open to the idea of allowing the surrogate mother to see their baby regularly, depending on how they want to fix the arrangements.

You have to ensure that the surrogate mother is not a smoker, alcoholic drinker, and a drug user. If these habits are present during pregnancy, there might be some health problems that your child will have right after the pregnancy. As the parent, you have to pay for the medical and hospital bills that are related to the pregnancy of the surrogate mother.

There are several surrogate mothers who do this without being paid. However, some surrogate mothers would really ask for payments.

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Practical and Helpful Tips: Pregnancy