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Have a Great Scuba Diving Experience in Thailand Perhaps, you know already that Thailand is quite popular for scuba diving due to the warm and calm waters that it offers. Also, there is an abundance of such wonderful marine life that makes it a fantastic place for fun dives. Moreover, you must know that the diving experience here is quite cheap as compared to going for a dive in Europe or the Caribbean. But for safety, you must find a reliable dive operator. So that you will be able to get the most out of your diving experience in Thailand, you must know when and where you should go. Not all the dive sites of Thailand dive sites which are available all the year round so it would pay to do some planning. The Similan Islands are regarded as one of the top dive destinations. They are a really small group of uninhabited islands in the western Thai coast. Similans are visited by the liveaboard boats from Khao Lak and Phuket wherein the divers would eat and sleep and also dive on the boat for many days. Often, the liveaboard would last for four days and four nights and allows the divers to get 14 dives.
Figuring Out Courses
The Similans are an excellent place where you can learn to dive because going for the liveaboard trip will let the new diver to enjoy lots of practice by doing several dives. It is quite important that you are taught by a good liveaboard operator who has full PADI certification and also experienced instructors. Get to know more about the newness of their scuba diving equipment as well as the qualifications of the staff too.
Why not learn more about Diving?
Know that the Similan Islands are open from October to May each year. You also have to understand that the monsoon seasons would arrive during June to September and this would make the seas really rough for safe diving. Also, you can visit the tiny island which is in the eastern coast of Thailand and this is called the home of the Full Moon parties. Know that Koh Tao is actually a four-hour ferry ride from Surat Thani. Such is a great escape for the divers as this is an amazing island. Even if this is popular, this remains to be uncrowded. There are so many dive shops too which are offering diving daytrips and there are those scheduled liveaboards which are just very occasional. If you would like to go for a diving trip to Thailand, then you must consider the time of the year that you would go there and make a decision when you want to opt for a liveaboard trip or just daytrips and return to the hotel each night.