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Benefits of Dental implants

Where you replace a tooth using a high-tech procedure and achieve a similar dentition like the natural one is referred to as dental implant. An artificial root which is of titanium material is usually used to offer stability to the bridge, crown or even denture by inserting it into the jaw. It mimics the appearance of the real tooth and where you take good care of it could last for long.

It is advantageous to have dental implant since you wont have to struggle with problems related to denture. It is much cheaper to use this method compared to any other possible method of denture. It is simple since you can sleep with your dentures in the mouth as well as clean them like any other teeth. Where you have used dental implants, you have not to worry about the arrangement of the teeth in your mouth as the arrangement is never affected. It is often so difficult to differentiate the inserted and the natural teeth in your mouth where dental implant has been performed. The implanted teeth can perform all the tasks that you can carry out with the natural teeth and these includes the great chewing power.

You can stay with dental implants for as long as you may wish since they are so durable. You can opt for dental implant as they are capable of serving you until you die. Implants are usually made of titanium and they are then fixed to the bone of the jaw. It is not toxic and can never be disallowed by your body hence giving it the bio-compatible nature. Because of this quality, dental implant is usually termed as one of the most effective tooth replacement method.

The third advantage is that it helps in preventing loss of bones. You can easily lose your bone at a case where the tooth is absent and nothing is available to stimulate it. Where you fail to replace a tooth after the first years of losing it, its jawbone area usually reduces by about 25% and this is a continuous process as the years go by. You can have a more increased bone loss where you opt for dentures since the will eventually become looser and rub on the jawbone resulting to wear and tear. It is advantageous to use dental implants as they will stimulate the jawbone to continue growing as they act as the tooth and the root.

Lastly, dental implants are essential in preventing facial sagging as well as ageing prematurely. Facial sagging usually comes along with teeth loss from the mouth. This happens when the lower part of your face begins collapsing leading to a corresponding decrease between the tip of your nose and that of your chin. This could make you appear much older than your real age.

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