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A Guide to Buying and Selling Personalized Number Plates

You can find people do not care at all about than numbers in their private number plates. They do not really mind the numbers and letters in their number plate since the most important thing for them is that their car is registered. For many people, a number plate is important simply for identification especially if there are plenty of cars in a public parking lot where some vehicles look exactly like yours.

However, there are drivers who want to express their individuality even through their private number plates. And this is the reason why they take effort and money to find the best personalized number plate to put on their car. A personalized number plate can have your name in it, your professional, your hobbies, or can even reflect the make or the model of your car.

Here are some tips that can help you get a unique personalized number plate that you can buy.

So, if you are interested in buying a personalized number plate, then you can look into several places. The best place to do it is through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or the DVLA itself. There are many plate combinations that they see as valuable and so they keep them and sell them to vehicle owners. The DVLA website is one place where you can look for and purchase a personalized number plate or you can also join their regular auction to find a good one.

Look for private companies that sell personalized number plates to buyers. You can find cheap plates and very expensive ones. Or, you can buy a private number plate from the car owner himself.

It is important that you complete the paperwork once you have found the number plate that you want and have paid for it. You need to possess a certificate that would indicate that you are entitled to use that private number plate on your vehicle.

Be aware that there are restrictions on number plates.

There are some number plates that are banned by the DVLA and you cannot purchase these combinations. Another restriction is that you cannot make a car appear newer than it is. If the prefix on your number plate signifies a certain year of purchase, then your number plate cannot have a newer prefix. A personalized plate is not allowed on Q registered cars.

It doesn’t cost anything to assign a number plate to your vehicle once you have got the paperwork that proves that you are entitled to use it.

You can sell or give away your personalized registration if you don’t want it anymore. You can sell your number plate using the DVLA’s website or fill in the certificate and post it. You can also use a dealer or a broker to sell your private number plate.

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